DTT vs. Task Analysis

I have shared how I use DTT and Task Analysis lessons in my classroom here on the blog before. How do I know when to use a DTT lesson and when to use a Task Analysis (TA) lesson?

Believe it or not, the answer to that question is quite simple! Discrete Trial lessons are best used when you are teaching rote (easy to memorize) skills. These types of skills will only have one correct response when you are teaching to students. Task Analysis lessons are great for teaching students skills that require many steps or functional routines. Still confused on what type of lessons you should use to teach in your classroom? Check out these example lessons:

Rote Counting

Number Recognition
Counting Objects (1:1 Correspondence)
Number Order
Reading Number Words
Even/Odd Numbers
Identifies Fractions
Telling Time
Money Identification
Letter Recognition
Letter Sounds
Sight Words
Attending Skills
Tracing and Writing Letters
Tracing and Writing Numbers

Counting Money
Problem Solving (Word Problem) Skills
Phonetic Decoding
Reading Comprehension Skills
Tracing and Writing Words
Tracing and Writing Sentences
Structured Work Stations
All Functional Routines

As you can see from the list, tasks that are easily taught through DTT are tasks that often have only one correct response. This type of teaching lends itself to these tasks because youre introducing a single new stimulus at a time and teaching to mastery before introducing new stimulus. DTT is a great tool for these kinds of skills. I use it daily in my classroom.

Task Analysis lends itself to teaching skills that require a sequence of steps to be completed. Using task analysis for these types of skills is helpful because youre really only expecting students to master one step at a time before fading back to independence. I love watching my students fade prompts to independence because isnt that really the business were in? Teaching students to be independent members of our community.

Id love to hear more from you. What kind of skills are you teaching using DTT and Task Analysis?

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