So You're Quitting Homework?! 2 Tips to Make Your Prep Easy Peasy!

A few weeks ago, I told you all about how Im quitting homework in this post. I will admit theres a little prep that goes into quitting homework for the year, but it is so worth it. I have sent home my first week of Take Home Games and my students were stoked and the parents love the idea of how much more social skills practice we will be getting from our students.

Now, theres the prep piece. I have printed and laminated the pieces, no problem, but as Ive been assembling and sending home I have found a few super helpful items that have made my life a ton easier. And what fun is it to find these items if I can't share them with all of you?

**NOTE: This post does include affiliate links. I get a small amount of money if anything is purchased, but honestly, I wouldnt recommend anything unless I absolutely love it and it makes my life easier!**

Each month, I have developed 5 games to send home with my students. I have to admit, I love a spinner game! I have 1-2 games a month that use spinners. They're fun, engaging, and almost essential for playing games.

Seriously how cute is that spinner?! Yes, you can use a paperclip and a pencil, but I have found that families at home don't always know how to utilize that tool. So I went searching and I found some AMAZING spinners on Amazon. Not only do they work perfectly, but they are reusable. The package of 8 will last me the whole year! After I am finished with my August Games, I can pop the spinners apart and use them for September. And putting it together was super easy. I just needed to cut a hole in the laminated spinner and pop on the spinner. Here's what I used:

I also love using I Spy games. They fantastic for students with visual motor concerns. Scanning a page to find an image is great practice for those skills. Now, I didn't really want to spend my time cutting, laminating, and cutting little pieces to mark I Spy discoveries. It's not my favorite task, so I did a quick search for items I could use as place markers instead and I remembered my huge stock of Dollar Spot erasers. They make perfect space markers for my I Spy Game!

Of course, I didn't have any apple erasers for my apple themed games. Amazon to the rescue. I was able to scoop up a ton of apple erasers for a small price. These are the ones I scooped up:

They are perfect for marking spaces on a game board and so worth not having to cut out tons of little pieces! Ain't nobody got time for that!

What are some of your favorite tools for classroom activities or Take Home Games? Drop me a comment, I love new ideas!

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