I Quit Homework!!!!

You heard it right, I'm quitting homework. Teacher's don't like homework either and I'm making one simple change in my classroom so I can quit homework while students continue to learn at home.

If you follow me on any social media outlets you might have heard me talking about how I am quitting homework. Seriously. I'm done with homework. Did you know the research on homework isn't strong. Let alone the research on homework for students with disabilities? I teach a lot of my students through DTT. I'm not ready to send these skills home for practice. Plus, check out this chart for recommended homework times:
Recommended homework time by grade. Our students have TOO MUCH HOMEWORK. Check out how I'm making a simple change in my classroom to give traditional homework the boot.

And that is for typical students! Bottom line, we're giving our students too much homework!

Are you tired of preparing homework for students in your classroom? Are your students tired of doing homework? Make the madness stop NOW with an easy change to your classroom routine.
My K-2 students should have no more than 20 minutes of homework a night. And here I am putting together 8 DIFFERENT homework packets for 8 students working on different skills. Let me tell you, that takes me HOURS of prep a week.

Now, I know the parents in my program like homework because they like the structure and routine in their evenings and I love to help foster those skills. Enter Take Home Games. I've been thinking for a while about skills that our students have been lacking. A lot of my students get a lot of screen time and I bet yours do too, but a lot of students have no idea how to play basic board games. I kept thinking about this and that's when I decided that I am going to replace homework in my classroom with Take Home Games. You heard that right, I'm scrapping homework packets this year and sending home family games for students to play. I will be combining this with Life Skills Homework from Autism Adventures because my students always need practice with Life Skills, too (and because her Life Skills Homework is pretty awesome!)

A quick switch from traditional homework packs to Take Home Games has allowed me to quit spending hours preparing homework packets for my classroom.
Prep take home games so everything is ready to go. I send one game home with each student on Fridays. The students return the game the following Friday and I swap the games making sure that the students have a different game each week.
These August games are not only adorable, but they are perfect for students to take home and play with their families.

How do Take Home Games work, you ask? Let me tell you! I've put together 5 Take Home Games
for each month. I have 8 students in my classroom, so I have prepped 2 of each game and bagged them up for classroom use.

I'm only going to send home one game a week, so I need to make sure I stay organized and send home a different game each week. I've put together a set of organizational materials to make sure this happens. Check out this checklist I'm using to make sure I don't repeat the games throughout the month.
Keep track of Take Home Game assignments with this quick checklist. List student names and check off which games you have sent home. This will ensure each student takes home a different game each week and they share skills learned with their families.

Now that I've sent home the games, how do I know families will know how to play the games? I don't, and don't worry. I thought about that too. I made sure each game had detailed visual directions so families are easily able to play the games at home. These directions are my favorite. I love the visual component so families can easily understand how to play the game.
Visual directions are perfect for Take Home Games. They provide students and families with everything they need to play games at home.

Ok, the games are home and being enjoyed, but it's time to return the games to school. I was super worried about missing pieces (I took my time and resources to put these games together, I don't want to do it again!) so I also include a return checklist in the take home bag. When student's families pack up the games to return to school on Friday, they simply have to go through the items on the checklist and make sure they have been returned to the bag. Easy peasy, no more last minute prep for me!
Return Checklists make Take Home Games a real success. Families know exactly what to return to the classroom. No more missing pieces = no last minute prep.

Are you ready to see what's included in the August Take Home Game bundle? My intention with these games was to provide meaningful interactions with parents at home. Academic skills were not my initial goal in creating these games, but there are some academic skills included within the games.

Make homework a thing of the past! August Take Home Games are a perfect homework replacement. This is how I'm quitting homework packs this year. Each week, students take home a different game to play with their families and generalize social skills.Check out the games included:
  • Game 1: Fill the Crayon Box
Students and their families play this fun spinner game. Each player takes turns spinning their spinner and adding a crayon to their box. The first player to fill their box is the winner!
  • Game 2: Roll and Cover
Students and their families will love this dice game! Each player gets a board up to 50 and chooses a Back to School themed game piece. Players roll the die (2 options included) and cover that many spaces on their number chart. The first player to fill their board is the winner!
(TIP: Want smaller numbers? Trim the number chart to stop at your focus number)
  • Game 3: Memory
Three different types of memory cards are included in this game set. Students and their families can look for letter matches, beginning sound matches, or sight word matches in this classic memory game.
  • Game 4: Take the Bus to School
Your families are going to love this adorable board game. Students and their families take turns drawing cards and moving their bus pieces on the game board. The first player to reach the school house is the winner!
  • Game 5: Build a School
This super fun dice game is going to be a blast! Players take turns rolling a die and putting the pieces on their game board to build a school. The first player to get all six pieces and build their school is the winner!

I don't know if you can tell, but I am so ready to make traditional homework a thing of the past. How do you take on the homework battle in your classroom?

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