Workbasket Wednesday: Fall Tasks

I have to admit, I've been meaning to link up with Christine over at Autism Classroom News for Workbasket Wednesday for months but I keep forgetting to take pictures of my classroom tasks!

My students complete work tasks at various times throughout the day, but every morning, I have a center or work tasks for all students to complete.  They tend to be fine motor or basic skills tasks so my students can get extra practice at these skills.  Check out what we've been up to this month!

This is a simple task I whipped up last year for my students to practice counting and using 10 frames. Look at my buddy rocking it!

I found these foam leaves in the Target Dollar Spot (I seriously love that place!) and instantly knew I had a sorting task on my hands.  I whipped up some quick post it visuals (Mondays can be rough) and a sorting task was born!  My kiddos love sorting these leaves!

We have also been reading this book from Mrs. P's Specialties in our morning work centers.  My students are able to read the story to me now!

This task is another Dollar Spot find.  I found these felt stickers in the Dollar Spot and put them in a Tray from the Dollar Tree.  I left the sorting options open for my students and they surprise me all the time!  It's hard to see (and I didn't take another picture) but there are pumpkins and 2 different leaf designs in 3 colors.  Some of my students will sort the leaves by color and others by style.  And others will sort by color AND style.  These kids amaze me!

We're also loving our turkey puzzles from Autism Adventures Turkey Independent Binder Tasks.  I took the task out of the binder and put it on a cookie tray (my students need work space boundaries).  I try to switch the puzzles up every day.  It keeps my students on their toes and challenges them a little more each day.

We love us some clip cards in my classroom!  These count and clip cards are great for both fine motor skills and basic skills.  Plus they're super cute with the Thanksgiving images!

This task is perfect for practicing number sequencing skills.  My students sequence the number 1-10 on the template.

These are the tasks I was able to snap a picture of, but there are so many more, plus more ideas I have thought up for next year.  What are your fall tasks looking like?  Link up with Autism Classroom News and share your Workboxes!  I want to see them all!

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