Using my Scrap Box and December Art Plans FREEBIE!

I feel so bad, I had originally planned to blog about our Thanksgiving party today, but I had so much fun cooking and celebrating that I completely forgot to take pictures in our classroom!  So instead, I figured I'd share some of our daily art tips today!

Y'all know I love my daily art.  I blogged about it {over here} and I love sharing my monthly art plans with everyone.  This month I also wanted to share one of my favorite tools in my classroom.  I love my scrap box!

We do a lot of art projects and my students are cutting daily.  Whenever we have leftover pieces we toss them in the scrap box for use with later projects.  Now, my scrap box is not pretty to look at but it serves its purpose.  Check out all these leftover pieces.

Almost every project we do has some small piece that we need.  When that happens, I dig into my scrap box and find the color we need.  Then we cut out the small pieces for students to use with their art project.  Check out these antenna and legs I made for our recent letter C is for Caterpillar project.

Check out our caterpillar when it was finished.

Have you seen some of these pins for scrap paper organization?!  They make my heart happy!  I might have to give one of these systems a try in my classroom!

I'm sure we'll put that scrap box to good use with our December Art Plans!  We're going to study the letters O and F in the next 2 weeks and celebrate everything holidays!  Check it out.
What are you doing in your classroom this month?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I can't wait to hear.

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  1. I've had a scrap box (or drawer) for years too, and love that the kiddos and I don't have to cut into a new paper for small shapes. I also save pieces of nice wrapping paper in my scrap box, so we also have the lovely decorative paper available after holidays and birthdays. Students love these "treasures" and they get one more use instead of being thrown away. Save some of your holiday gift wrap!

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