Using Token Boards to Promote Money Skills

Reinforcement is an Evidence Based Practice.  I have used so many different kinds of token boards, but today I want to share my token boards for reinforcing money skills.

I made these token boards for my students so they can practice "buying" things and exchanging money.  I usually start all students with a 5 token system.  When they earn 5 pennies, they get their reinforcer (after they hand over those pennies!).  Simple and easy.

After my students are able to work a little longer for their reinforcer, I up the game and move to a board where they will earn 5 pennies, exchange for a nickel, earn 5 more for a second nickel then exchange both nickels for a dime and "pay" me with their dime for their reinforcer.

When students can work for even longer periods of time before getting reinforced, I move to a quarter board where students have to earn even more pennies and make more exchanges before "buying" their reinforcer.

When students can use all the boards I usually introduce a store "choice board" where different reinforcers cost different amounts of money and we use the appropriate token board for the student to earn their chosen reinforcer.

I absolutely love how this system reinforces money skills for my students.  Grab my token board kit and give it a try in your classroom!

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