4 Simple Ways to Build Fine Motor Skills and October Art Plans!

Fine motor skills are important for our students.  It's the basis for handwriting and all things we do with our hands.  I know I do a lot with my hands, so it's important for us to build fine motor skills for our students.  It's no secret that I love my Daily Art time in my classroom.  I have blogged about it a few times and I love sharing my art plans with y'all.  Check out these 4 Simple Ways to Build Fine Motor Skills in your classroom!

Simple enough, right?  Giving our students an opportunity to cut allows them to build muscles in their hands.  I like to think of cutting as push ups for our hands.  It builds muscles as students open and close the scissors.  As they continue to attend to precision of shape cutting, their skills continue to grow.

Ripping forces our students to use those tips of their fingers and really pay attention to the precision.  I like to give my students small strips of paper to rip from to encourage them to use those pinching fingers.

Crumpling up paper is super fun for some of our students and it's great for building fine motor skills.  Often it forces students to work with both hands.  I like to give my students small squares of tissue paper to crumple up and put on art projects.  

Lacing provides our students a chance to practice putting things in holes and using those pinching fingers to pull the strings back out again.  It encourages that work with small things in small spaces and helps build strength in little hands.

I try to incorporate all of those skills into our art projects throughout the month.  Check out what we're up to this month as we wrap up our sports unit and start getting ready for Halloween!

What are you making this month?

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