Keeping Organized for the School Year

Who wants to be organized for 2015-2016?!  I do, I do!  I'm a nerd for organization.  I like everything to be planned.  It helps alleviate some anxiety for me, so I plan EVERYTHING.  Call me a nerd, it's ok, but I plan all my IEPs for the WHOLE YEAR before school even starts.  In fact, our team met in May and scheduled all of our IEPs for this school year!  Sure things end up moving a little throughout the year, but it's one less thing to worry about throughout the year.

This is how I do it.  First, I get a 2015-2016 calendar and I write all the IEPs that are due that month and their date on the calendar.

Then, our team gets together with calendars and checks when everyone is free and chooses a date.  I add that to the calendar.

Now that all my IEPs are scheduled for the year, I feel a little better, but when it's time for the IEP, I have a checklist to make sure I take care of all the pertinent matters.  Check it out:

Want to be super organized for 2015-2016?  Grab the IEP Checklist and Editable Calendars in my TPT Store!

How do you plan to stay organized for 2015-2016?

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