Using clip charts in the classroom

I have a problem. My name is Erin and I'm addicted to clothespins. We do clothespins tasks in the classroom all the time. We spell with clothespins. We match with clothespins. We practice basic skills with clothespins. It's ridiculous how much we use clothespins (my OT LOVES it!!!).

One of my favorite ways to use clothespins in with clip charts. I know there's some controversy about the use of behavioral clip charts going on out there. I've actually never used a behavioral clip chart but after reading how Sarah over at The Eager Teacher uses them I'm going to try it out this year!

One of my favorite clip charts in my classroom is the "Where am I?" clip chart. Is your room full of students and staff entering and exiting all day too? My students are always off to different things. They're off to PE with their peers, out to speech pull out sessions, OT sessions, you name it! We even have 3 different lunch times I our class! When students arrive at school they will move their clothespin from "Home" to "School" and as they move throughout their day they will move their clothespin.  If a student is absent their clip will simply stay on "Home" all day.

This clip chart totally helps me keep my sanity for 2 huge reasons. 

1. Emergencies
If there were some sort of emergency on campus (fire, lock down, you know... that stuff we practice for but wish will never happen) I can have a quick look and know which students are out of the room and where they are. 

2. Curious kiddos
Are your students super curious too? Do they ask questions they know the answers to? I can guarantee if a student is absent I will be asked a minimum of 30 times where he or she is. If my paraprofessionals take a break or go to lunch I will be asked about 10 times where they are. This chart gives me a reference and my students a way to practice problem solving skills. "You don't know where Johnny is?, Let's check the chart!" Look at them taking care of their own needs! Hooray for independence!

This has been a need in my classroom for a while and I played around with different ways to put this content together before settling on the clip chart. It just seemed like it would be the best way to meet my current needs.

Check out the clip chart!

Need the clip chart? Grab it in my TPT store!

Do you use clip charts in your classroom?  What kind do you use? (You probably shouldn't tell me, I'll want that one too!, JK, tell me, I want ALL THE CLIP CHARTS!!!)

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