Let's Get Cooking! BONUS: Free Visual Recipe

I admit it, I've been a bad, bad blogger!  Life has gotten in the way and the rush of the end of the school year has slowed down my blogging, but we just did this super fun activity in my classroom and as we did it I just keep thinking "I can't wait to share this", so here I am sharing the fun we had cooking in our classroom.

Our district's high school has a child development program where students from the high school come and work in the elementary school's as part of their class.  The students come once every other week for the entire year.  We had a great time getting to know our special teacher.  This Thursday was her last day visiting our classroom, so we decided we should have a celebration and do an activity together in the classroom.  We decided it would be fun to do a cooking activity to say thank you.

I put together a visual recipe and my reader was able to read the recipe to the group of students.  The students did all the work.  I was just there for behavioral support.  I was very proud of my students.  Check out what we did!

First, we mixed pudding together.  The students took turn stirring the pudding together and we popped it in the refrigerator.

While our pudding was in the refrigerator we squished up oreo cookies.  Putting them in a bag and having the students do it themselves is great for fine motor development.  Then we sprinkled the cookies on top of our pudding.

Then the students added gummy worms.  The students were so excited and proud of their work.

Then they got to do their favorite part, EAT!

 Click on the image below to get your FREE visual recipe!

Hope you're enjoying the end of your school year!  I'm getting ready to prep for ESY.


  1. Love it! We recently made beach cupcakes which is kinda similar (would be great for ESY too!), in that we had to crush up graham crackers like you guys did the Oreo's and I think that was their favorite part! And the frosting part was really funny and made my aides nervous, but I love them being independent.

    1. I love that idea for ESY, I'm trying to do a cooking project once a week. Added to the idea list.


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