Independent Work Stations #2

So I shared with you a bit ago about one of our {independent work stations}.  We actually run 3 types of independent work stations in our classroom.  The goal is to get the students to a system that is easily implemented in a general education classroom.

An effective work system should answer these 3 basic questions:

My students all have their "work schedules" posted on the wall.  When they enter the work station, they grab their work schedules and their reinforcer.  They place the reinforcer on their work schedule so they have a reminder of what they are working for.

These work schedules correspond to icons on the drawers.  The drawers are filled with tasks.  The students complete the tasks and place them in an all done bin on the right side of the desk.

Are you ready to implement independent work stations in your classroom?  Grab this product from my store.  It has EVERYTHING you need to visually structure a work center for your students.


  1. Hi Erin:

    I found your amazing Teachers Pay Teachers store (which I'm buying a ton of Edmark stuff from once I get paid 😀) it lead me to a link to your blog which lead me to this post im making. Next year my middle schoolers will be starting independent work stations and I'm trying to come up with more activities for them to do. So far I have a mixture of academic and functional tasks (folding towels, sorting silverware, separating money into a cash box, etc.). what other activities can you suggest? Also how much time do you give your kids for independent work stations?

    1. My independent work stations last the same amount of time as my classroom centers. Last year the centers ran 15 minutes, this year I'm going to make it 20 minute centers. My students primarily do academic tasks, but there are tons of great functional tasks out there too! Have you checked out Workbasket Wednesdays from Autism Classroom News? She has a monthly link up where people share what they are doing for work tasks. I highly recommend following that series! Also, pinterest has tons of tasks. It will all depend on the ability level of your students. I'm happy to help, but need more information on their abilities. :)


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