February Daily Art Plans, Classroom Organization, and Our Blog Hop Kicks Off!

I'm finally feeling a little better and I've gotten myself enough energy to get my February Art plans done (like I even had time, I believe it is February already!).  I've enjoyed sharing my monthly art plans on my blog and sharing that by doing daily art in my classroom I have seen some amazing fine motor growth in my students.  We make sure to include a fine motor component daily (either cutting, tearing, or crumpling).  We also work on sequencing tasks.  Today I also wanted to share my Art organization with you!

Here are my February Art Plans, be sure to click on the pictures to take you to the sources (there are a lot of printable templates):

When I piloted my program, I had to run around campus scouring for furniture and materials.  While doing this I found an awesome 5 shelf bookshelf in our storage room (score!).  As soon as I saw this, I knew I wanted to tip it on it's side and use it to make storage for bins.  I enlisted the help of my dad to build some shelves to store some bins I also found while scouring campus for free goodies.  Granted, the shelves aren't very pretty, but they are functional.  He was able to make enough shelves so I had a storage bin for each day and an extra one for whatever my heart desired.  In these bins I put the supplies for each day's art projects along with whatever tools my students need to assist with communication.  I also had him build a shelf so I could put my projector in here and guard it from being a projectile object in the classroom (always nervous).  I have this bookshelf at the back of my morning group meeting area and I'm working on a more functional cover for all those cords, but that's what I had on hand at the moment.  I'm also planning on asking (begging) my dad to make one more shelf to put above the recycle bin so I can store more stuff!  Check out my bins:

*Note: I didn't realize I left the cords so sloppy after unplugging my laptop!  They're usually covered and out of sight when students are at school.

Finally, I wanted to make sure you remember to join in on the Special Educators Blog Hop that is kicking off today!  Head on over to Traci's page (link at the top) and check out what she has going on!  Make sure you keep checking in and getting something special every day!

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