Discrete Trial Basics: Where does it take place? When does it occur?

{Discrete Trial Basics: What Is Discrete Trial Training?  Who is it for?}
{Discrete Trial Basics: Where does it take place?  When does it occur?}
{Discrete Trial Basics: Why do we use DTT?  How do I implement DTT?}
{Discrete Trial Basics: Organization Tips}
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{Discrete Trial Basics: Awesome Reinforcers}

I want to continue to talking about Discrete Trial Training (DTT) today and answer a couple more questions.  Today I want to focus on the Where and the When of DTT.

Where does Discrete Trial Training Take Place?
DTT can take place in a variety of settings.  It is a 1:1 teaching style which will need some space, but otherwise, the setting can vary.  DTT can take place in a classroom, at home, in a clinic, etc.

When does Discrete Trial Training Take Place?
The intensity of your program is going to depend on many factors.  I try to make sure the students in my class get 30 mins-1 hour of DTT daily.  This, of course, depends on my students.  Some need additional time while some need only 1-2 sessions a day.  It is important that DTT is a routine and is built into a child's schedule.  It is also important that they receive DTT sessions regularly (I go daily, some classes I have worked with provide sessions every other day, this worked for them).  This helps them retain taught information and moves their programs along at a steady pace.

**Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on Discrete Trial Training.  I simply have researched and implemented with some training and coaching in my classroom.  This is what I have learned over the past few years.

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