Visual Schedules: Schedule Hacks

I've gone over the different kind of schedules I use in my classroom over the past few weeks.  Check out those posts below:
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The biggest problem with visual schedules (especially those velcro ones) are all the pieces!  I need things organized in my life so I can be efficient as a teacher.  I go nuts if I'm not organized.  I imagine it's similar to how my students would feel without a schedule!

So here are a couple hacks I'm currently using in my classroom.

I store icons that don't exactly fit on the schedule strip in little baggies I have stapled to the wall.  They are organized in order so we just have to pull them out as the student's day progresses.  They can continue to see what is coming, and we stay organized!  Yay!

Ok, now organizing all those pieces can be a disaster!  I have a few different hacks I use for this.  I have separated out the icons that are used on a daily basis and I have adhered velcro to the inside of a cabinet near my schedules.  This allows me to quickly pull icons when I am rescheduling the next day.
I also have icons that are not used daily and I don't have the room in my cabinet to store all those icons!  To solve this problem, I use binders.  I have split 3 binders into parts of the alphabet and labeled them.  Then I got baseball card sleeves from Amazon and alphabetized my icons.  It took a while, but in the long run it is so worth it!

If you're looking for awesome baseball card sleeves, look no further!  Amazon has an awesome deal on 100 pack of sleeves!  Check them out.

Do you have any awesome schedule hacks?!

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