Visual Schedules: Binder Version #2

So I've shared my wall version and my beginning binder version of the schedules I use in my classroom.

This time, I wanted to share a version of schedules I use with my beginning readers.  Like I said last time, it is important that we keep pushing our students.  We want to push them toward more functional forms of scheduling.  I like this version because it is something that is very functional and can follow a student into adulthood.  Who doesn't make a checklist or a to do list?  My desk and purse are filled with shopping lists and to do lists!  They are super functional!

I am not currently using these schedules in my classroom as I have a SUPER young group of learners, but I did use these schedules last year for a group of second and third graders.  They were super successful and independent (yay!)

To make these schedules, I create a checklist of the jobs my students needs to complete.  I like to put them into a sheet protector so my students can use a vis-a-vis marker to check off completed items.  So at transition times, students would locate their schedule, tick off the completed task, read what was next, and transition to their next activity.  So functional!

I still have a couple laying around in my room from last year, check these out:
Student's schedule for the day.  It was inside a binder last year.

The check mark indicates they have finished arrival.

The next item on their list is to sign in.

Grab a check-off list for your classroom!

Do you use a different kind of schedule in your classroom?  Tell me about it in the comments below!  I love new ideas.

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  1. For kids that are not quite ready for a schedule with just words I pair words and pictures from Board maker. I put it in a plastic sleeve, and they can use a dry erase marker to check of when they are done.


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