Daily Art (My OT Loves Me!) Visual Plans Plus a Giveaway

I have been working very hard with my Occupational Therapist this year and we are seeing AMAZING results!  Students are gaining a lot of hand strength and we are seeing the results in their writing.  The key is that I try to incorporate cutting into each art project.  There are a day or two a month where we won't be cutting for the sake of making something adorable, but for the most part, we are cutting every day!

Art is super easy for me to plan (thanks Pinterest!) and my IAs are able to run this easily.  I have snagged a few freebies from TpT along the way to help set up a functional group.  We highly structure the tasks so my students know the order in which to complete their task!

Check out my visual plans and try clicking on the pictures!  They'll take you to my source (helps me so much when I'm prepping!)

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  1. I've saved all of your art lesson plans! I really hope you make more for the months that aren't on here. :-D Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tasha,

      Thank you! The plan is to keep posting them :)


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