Tuesday Quick Tip!

I was finally able to get into my classroom today and wow!  My new tiles looks amazing!  I walked into my room and it was like I had been transported to some place new.  My old carpet was a disaster to put it lightly.  It was rippling, it was stained, it was even pooped on this year.  The tile was such an amazing (and sanitary) change.  I can't be more happy with it!  (Thank you to my district for changing it out!!!)

I went in and did a little decorating today and thought I'd share a quick tip I use in my decorating.  I have always lived by the adage of "measure twice, cut once" (even if I'm not a carpenter).  I have always created bulletin board space where I do not have a designated bulletin board.  I just find a nice piece of wall, gather some butcher paper and borders, my handy stapler, scissors, and some masking tape and I'm ready to go!

I often make large impromptu bulletin boards and have had many run ins with slanted and wonky bulletin boards.  Instead of putting these up and then having to take them right back down, I came up with this handy method.  I usually line up my bottom layer with the base board in my classroom.  To attach the second piece (on top), I lay the roll of butcher paper on the ground and attache 3-4 rolled pieces of masking tape to the back.

 That's what it looked like laid out on my floor and there's a close up of the masking tape if you've never rolled masking tape (doubtful!).  After this I picked up the butcher paper and climbed up my step stool and adhered the masking tape to the wall.  I then climbed down and took a peek at what I had put up on the wall.
Yikes!  That was not going to work!  So I climbed back up and adjusted and re-adhered the masking tape to the wall.  I again stepped back to admire my work.
Much better!  I then went around with my stapler and make this official.  After that, I trimmed the excess and attached my new chevron borders around the edges.

And viola!  It is finished.  Now I just need to add my daily schedules and I'm thinking about adding an objective to the wall as well so visitors will understand why it is there.

Hope my quick tip was worthwhile and I hope you're getting ready for your new school year too!


  1. What a great bulletin board!! I wish I had that much empty wall space in my room!! I hope you have a wonderful school year!!

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Erin,

      Thanks! I have so much more free space on the other side, but I've asked to have a bulletin board moved there so I can hold my morning group in that area next year. I was missing wall space next to my current space so I'm excited to see that area come together.


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