Art and Fine Motor and a Craftivity Freebie!

I have been so excited to work on fine motor skills this year because that means we get to do art projects!  My students love art projects and lets face it, art is amazing for building fine motor skills!  We work on different activities to strengthen our hand muscles and we do activities that make us pay attention to our placement, staying on or within lines, and having precision.

This is one of my favorite art projects we have done in a while.  I am a pintrest troll and came across this project about a month ago.  I thought it was a perfect spring project for my students.  First I drew out a template for the grass and copied it onto green paper.  I like to use nice thick lines so my students are able to cut with ease.  Next, my students glued the bottom (uncut) portion of their grass to white paper.  Once their grass was placed I had grids of insects that my students were able to cut out and glue under the grass.

My students LOOOOOOVED building their fine motor skills through this project.  We even built a ton of language.  I had students requesting different insects they wanted to use in their project and students were imitating being "surprised" by their hidden insects in the grass.

Go ahead and download your freebie kit and try this out with your students!  Let me know how much fun  you have in your classroom too!  What are some of your favorite fine motor building activities?


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    1. You're welcome! I plan to add some writing components to go along with this for next year. I want to have the students counting the bugs and identifying. My students loved this so much that I'll revamp it for next year too!


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