Daily Question Graphing

I am excited to share one of my triumphs this year! I decided over the summer that graphing was going to be a big focus for my classroom and students this year. I was out visiting classrooms last year and observed a teacher who included a yes/no question during circle time. I thought it was a great idea and took it a step further by turning it into a graphing activity.

The last part of our morning meeting consists of reading a yes/no question, everyone posting their answer, then creating a graph with this information. I can't believe how much of a success this has been! My students love sharing their information, counting up responses, writing the question, and creating their own graphs!

Here's a quick peek at what it looks like in our classroom:
We read out the question and each student has their name on a magnetic sentence strip. They then go and answer yes or no with their name card.

Then we choose a random student to count out the responses and write the number on the board.

Finally, the students create their own graph. They write the sentence and add the data to the graph.

My students have been doing awesome with this task.  They are even starting to generalize the skill into other tasks!

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