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Farm Themed Fine Motor Activities

**This post about Farm themed Fine Motor Activities for the Special Education classroom contains affiliate links, which means that I collect a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you choose to make a purchase.**

I don't know about you, but in my classroom, the month of May is all about the Farm. We go on a farm field trip around the middle of the month and getting my students familiar with vocabulary for things they may see while they're at the farm is important. So it's no surprise that I'm coming at you with 10 Farm Themed Fine Motor Activities we've been using in our classroom!

With all the build up for our farm field trip, my students get REALLY excited about these activities. Here are 10 of our favorite fine motor activities:

Creating a Dramatic Play Coffee Shop in the Special Education Classroom

**This post about creating a dramatic play coffee shop in the Special Education classroom contains affiliate links, which means that I collect a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you choose to make a purchase.**

Dramatic play is such an important skill for students to develop. It gets them interacting with their peers and it's a developmental skill that typically developing children pick up. By 18-24 months, children are often engaging in play where they are pretending to do things adults in their environment do. This skill is often more difficult for our students with developmental delays, so in my classroom it's something we TEACH our students.

Setting Up a Student Success Binder

The amount of visual supports some of our students need to be successful both academically and socially can be overwhelming. Just imagine, if it's overwhelming to us as teachers, it has to be way too much for our students who struggle with executive functioning skills, like organization, to handle! I've found that once we've introduced a student to a portable schedule I can add all kinds of things to their binder. No longer is their binder just a schedule, it's now a tool they can use throughout their school day to accomplish a variety of tasks and activities.

7 Steps to Running an A+ IEP Meeting

Don't stress out about running the best IEP meeting you can. I've got 7 steps to get you headed the right direction! Yes, I've been checking in on Facebook groups and see there is some anxiety and stress around running a successful IEP meeting. I see people worried about how long it takes to write, what they're going to share at the meeting, and they're even worried about what to wear to the meeting. I want to share some of my tips for running an IEP meeting that doesn't have to be stressful. Breaking down the IEP process into these 7 easy steps has helped me run an A+ IEP meeting that I am proud of. Ready to dive in? Let's do it!

10 Fine Motor Activities for Spring

I think I've shared how much of a focus we've had on Fine Motor skills in my classroom this year. My students have made so much growth in their fine motor skills and keeping the activities in our fine motor center fresh is one of the ways we get tons of practice in in our classroom. We're all about Spring in our classroom during April. The weather is getting a little bit warmer with an occasional rain shower. We're seeing all kinds of plants pop up around our school and we definitely have spring fever in our classroom.

Since we're loving Spring in the classroom, I put together 10 spring themed fine motor activities that you can implement in your classroom in no time. Check them out!

How to Scaffold Paragraph Writing for Special Education

So you've taught your students to write sentences. Now what? In the beginning of my career, we worked HARD on writing sentences. When it came time to take the next step into writing paragraphs, I found this was even harder for my students. We were able to write 2-3 sentences about a topic or picture, but organizing our thoughts and giving evidence was hard stuff.

Early on, I found that teaching my students to use a paragraph frame was essential to them learning how to write a paragraph. I also found that writing about non-fiction topics was something they preferred. So I started there and build a paragraph journal for my students. I soon found out that some of my students needed even more support than that to write paragraphs, so I started scaffolding. I came up with 3 supports I use to teach students to write paragraphs.

Get your Prep Pile in Check: Keeping Prep Organized in the Special Education Classroom

I'm sure you're well aware the the SPED Prep struggle is real! I don't know if your classroom is anything like mine this year, but keeping the materials we are prepping has been HARD. I have some curious students who really want to know what's coming up, so they're constantly snooping in the bin we were using for a while. Which, honestly, was fine with  me until we got so curious that everything got unorganized because we were just too curious.

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